Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sick Like a Dog

Ok Guys,
I was like really sick, could not do my Saturday ride, and I have surfaced for the first time.  I have 5 months to go, 690km in 25 hours.  My whole body hurts and ye olde knee is starting to act up again.  Since I don't do drugs, I am pretending that pain is weakness leaving the body.  It seems like a lot of weakness has been leaving lately.  :0)

I am in Wales, where there is no such thing as a flat road.  However, I feel them calling me.  A 200km ride here is way tougher than riding from Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada to Niagra Falls (one of my favourite rides to do, nice and flat).

The good thing about being sick, is that I lost some weight, the bad thing, is that I lost some watts.  :0(

My next ride is going to be on the trainer, I don't have the courage to venture outside, plus it is cold, and my delicate state I might be psychologically damaged.  However, first thing in the morning, 8 hour ride on the trainer, starting to build again.  This will be my workout:

1. Warm-up (4x1min single leg, 4x1min spin-ups) [30 minutes]
2. Main Set 1 4x60min endurance with 5 min tempo every 15 minutes
3. Main Set 2 3x 60min endurance with 10x30sec stomps
4. Main Set 3 3x5min hill
5. Cool down.

I will tell you how it goes.

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  1. Yo, Ian, I finally checked out this blog. Looks great. Love the photos, are they yours?

    love K