Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Break Through Workout!!!

WOW!!  What a great work out today.  Short but intense!!  Those tuna muffins my wife made are really paying dividends.   I must admit when I eat one (320 calories, fat, carbs, and protein), I feel a little hit, as my body starts digesting but in about 15 minutes, a fire starts burning.

So this is the work out:

1. Warm-up
2. 8x18min at LT with 12 min rest interval
    - 2 min 110% FTP
    - 4 min take 10 watts off every 2 min
    - 2 min add 10 watts every minute
    - 10 minutes hold at 105% FTP
3. cool down

Whopping 144minutes at threshold!  My legs now hurt like crap, and I can't walk around that much, but I will be using the stick to try to help my legs recover.  I am not sponsored yet, so I can't afford a massage every day.  I feel bad asking my wife for one after a hard days work.  Its like "Hey honey, I know that you have been working hard all day, but after you cook dinner, could you give my legs an hour massage?"  For those of you who are married, especially to a professional woman, you will understand when I say that sleeping outside in the cold and a concussion is not an option for me, it affects my training.  :0)

However, the chinese have a great proverb for these situations.  :0)  Thank God my wife never reads my blogs, or I will be tied up in the doghouse.  :0)


  1. Great job on the intervals!! I'm tired! Stick away!

  2. Ian is in his 3rd hour of the race!!! Going strong!