Sunday, May 2, 2010

Worse Ride Ever

Ok so my goal was to go for an easy ride averaging about 25km/hr for 3 hours.  I started off exhausted, so I thought this would be a pleasant ride.  I warmed up with 20minutes at 20km/hr, then I did 3 1 minute spin-ups (speed went up to 30km/hr), by then I was sweating.  I slipped into the big ring and tried to tap out an easy 25km/hr.  The old right knee immediately starting hurting, I said good, this one will hurt 30 minutes and already pain.  Then my left knee started, the pain from the hip to the ankle, excruciating pain.

I should have guessed that something was seriously wrong, but I thought I was just being a wuss, and maybe the new asthma meds were screwing with me a bit.  Gone was the high of riding to Niagra Falls averaging over 32km/hr!  Now I felt like a 400lb, 65 year old man.  But you have to be tough!!! RIGHT!!

After the 70 year old guy on the the mountain bike passed me, I stopped!  I had to check if my brakes were on or something. (This is now 1 hour 30 into the ride)  Damn!  It was fine, I phone my friend (he did not know but I wanted to beg for a ride home).  After talking to him (he said I should modify my goals, and maybe not try to qualify for RAAM).  That reverse psychology crap really worked.

I check my saddle, for some reason it was too low (i have been averaging at this point 20.7km/hr), so I raised it and then my legs felt great!!!  Yeah!  It then started to rain, and the wind blew like a monsoon, but I had new life, I pictured myself like Jure Robic, in 2009 when they asked him how he does it and he said "I just do my job!".

I went into the drops, and started tapping out 35 km/hr into a head wind.  My legs started burning, not hurting, but the old cyclist pain that I love, that fire that warms up the whole body.  I started counting (1-2-3-4), keeping a CAD of 95, I kept it up and saved the ride.

3 hours/average 25km/hr/75km.  I am still not sure what caused the initial suffering!  I think I have to reset, and start building again.

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