Friday, May 14, 2010

Half Way There!!

I have just done my first 4 hours and I am feeling good, just as planned.  I am taking a 5 minute break to refill some water and stuff, and away we go to the last 4 hours.  This is the bike that I am riding, an old Giant! Very faithful bike, never lets me down, especially indoors!  :0)  When my wife gets back from work I will ask her to take a picture of me on the bike.  I am dressed in Pink today, in honour of the great big man himself, the Keiser, Jan Ulric.  I love Jan, and this video does not do him justice, he would have been the greatest, except for one man who was even greater than the greatest.  He is a one in a million the amazing Lance Armstrong.  I have added a video that is a tribute to Jan, but the first one is funny.



  1. thanks for your comments. good luck w/ raam! i just did a 12 hour - NEVER AGAIN!

  2. What did you find difficult about the 12 hour ride? You have done IM before, this was more difficult?