Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Intensity Phase (this really hurts)!

Well since my last entry, I have gone back to the drawing board and re-planned my whole training plan.  I think that I have one that will work and get me to my goal.  One thing I added is more technique work.  I believe strongly that efficiency is very important.  Economy is crucial when you riding for a long time, saving a little bit each pedal stroke makes a huge difference.

I am also thinking of getting a coach,  it is getting harder and harder to coach myself.  I am sleeping lots, and my legs are twitchy all night, they just want to pedal!  It is getting bad, I miss my bike, it seems like an old friend, I am starting to have breakfast on the trainer while pedalling.

So this week these are my workouts:

Strength (3 times/week):

  • 2x25 Seated Squats
  • 2x25 Deadlifts With Pushups
  • 2x25 Single Leg Press
  • 2x25 Dumbbell Rows
  • 2x25 Stability Ball Dumbbell Pullover
  • 2x25 Dumbbell Curls
  • 2x25 Triceps Press downs
Technique (2 times/week):
  • 6x2min Single Leg Pedal (very slow, focus on maintaining contact with pedals)
  • 5x1min Spin-up 140+rpm
  • 40km ride with 10x10min @AT (ri=10min)
  • 40km ride with 10x1km 12% hill repeats
  • 83km tempo ride
  • 163km ride at race pace (28km/hr)
So tomorrow I do the hill repeats, it is going to be real nice.  I finally got my video recording working so I will do some filming and post it up.

RAAM is starting now and it is so exciting! Will Jure win this year or will Gehard hurt him. It has been great for me, with all the cycling, World Cup Soccer & Tour Du France coming up!!!

I will tell you how my hill repeats go!!  Never give up goals guys, keep working smarter, harder, and consistently.

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